International Conference – Interpreting Law – The Role of Judges in Contemporary Democracies

FLAJER Interpreting Law - The Role of Judges in Contemporary Democracies

Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade October 14, 2016

Legal interpretation has been one of the predominant topics in contemporary jurisprudence. Forma descriptive issues regarding the proper characterization of legal interpretation legal hermeneutics has shaped decades of theorizing about law in general, and legal reasoning and adjudication in particular. The topic of legal interpretation on […]

Second Work in Progress conference of Serbian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy

work in progress fin

(In cooperation with the Centre for Constitutionalism) Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade, 11 June 2016.


10.00-10.05 Поздравна реч организатора

10.05-10.25 проф. др Александар Молнар, Филозофски факултет (коментатор текста: Француски и српски дoктринари, сличне идеје, различити контексти – могућност рецепције)

10.25-10.45 др Марко Божић, научни сарадник Универзитета Сорбона 4 (аутор)

10.45-11.05 Дискусија

11.05-11.25 проф. др […]

2015 Annual conference: Legal Normativity and Language



Contemporary legal theory has for the most part been interested in the complex relation between language and legal normativity. This has been the crux of the essential debates between Herbert Hart, Joseph Raz and Ronald Dworkin. Hart maintained that normative language was different in law and morality, Raz regarded the meaning of normative statements […]

”Work in progress” конференција Српског удружења за правну и социјалну филозофију


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Fundamental rights – justification and interpretation


Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, 24-25 October 2014

Robert Alexy (University of Kiel), ‘Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Review’ • Pierluigi Chiassoni (University of Genoa), ‘Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion in a Constitutional State: Two Varieties of Conscientious Objection’ • Luka Burazin (University of Zagreb), ‘Solving Conflicts between Constitutional Rights’ • Kenneth Himma […]

Theory and practice of human rights

General seminar “Federal Experiences of the EU”

Lecture: Dworkin’s “Third” Theory of Law

International Conference: Constitutional Review and Democracy

International Conference – Constitutional Review and Democracy

Conference Hall, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade


Saturday, November 23

9.00-9.30 Registration of participants

9.30-9.45 Opening address of the Dean

9.45-10.15 Mark Tushnet (Harvard Law School), New Courts and Old Problems, Old Courts and New Problems

10.15-10.40 Nenad Dimitrijevic (CEU, Budapest), Always above […]

Conference – International Criminal Law: Philosophical and Practical Aspects