SCHEDULE (TBD in mid-March): Friday, April 5: XI Belgrade arbitration conference; Weekend 6-7 April, Pre-moot rounds starting at 11, 15 and 17h.


For location of the hearings see

AMCHAM stands for American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia

CHAMBER 1 and 2 stand for Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

MILOSEVIC stands for Law office Milosevic

NKO stands for NKO Law office

KN 1-5 stands for Karanovic/Nikolic

BDK 1 and 2 stands for BDK Advokati

MVP 1-3 stands for Moravcevic, Vojnovic & Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr

SOG 1-2 stands for Samardzic, Oreski & Grbovic law office

MIM stands for Mihaj Ilic Milovanovic Law office

GECIC stands for Gecic Law


All other rooms are at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.