TEAM SCHEDULE per team (2 April 2019) updated schedule!

TEAM SCHEDULE per round SATURDAY (2 April 2019) updated schedule!

TEAM SCHEDULE per round SUNDAY  (2 April 2019) updated schedule!


For location of the hearings see

AMCHAM stands for American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia

CHAMBER 1 and 2 stand for Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

MILOSEVIC stands for Law office Milosevic

NKO stands for NKO Law office

CMS 1-2 stands for Petrikic & Partners in cooperation with CMS

KP 1-5 stands for Karanovic/Partners

BDK 1 and 2 stands for BDK Advokati

MVP 1-3 stands for Moravcevic, Vojnovic & Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr

SOG 1-2 stands for Samardzic, Oreski & Grbovic law office

MIM stands for Mihaj Ilic Milovanovic Law office

GECIC stands for Gecic Law


All other rooms are at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.